Frozen human tissues & blood

We are delighted to offer frozen tissues, organs and blood from deceased donors and living, clinical donors.

Transparency and Quality

We are transparent about the dedicated sites we work with and encourage researchers to join us in direct, in depth technical discussions with the tissue recovery and research managers at our partner hospital biobanks and body donation centers.

This ensures that all aspects of your project, including the optimum tissue preparation protocol, are fully understood and agreed in advance, maximizing the quality and utility of the specimens provided for your experiments.

Clinical tissue procurement:

We have extensive access to frozen tissue samples in ongoing biorepository collections.

Our clinical repositories have a variety of fixed human tissues/ specimens in stock, covering a range of samples that one would expect to find in a clinical tissue bank, particularly for solid tumors.

Frozen serum, plasma & buffy coat (non-viable) are collected from each donor.

Extensive clinical data is available.

Normal/ control samples or normal adjacent to tumor tissue (NAT/ NTA) frozen tissue samples may also be available.

Specialist blood collection partners

A variety of healthy donors and donors with diseases world wide, particularly infectious disease, available in biorepository or collected prospectively in the tubes of your choice.

Post mortem tissue sample procurement:

Read more about Post Mortem samples

Tissue samples and organs can be collected prospectively and snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen or straight onto dry ice/-80.

Donors are likely to have some advanced forms of diseases, although they may not have died from those diseases.

Normal organs unaffected by disease are also available.


Further information and inquiries

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Disease types:

Samples from a wide range of diseases are available or can be collected, including:






For other sample types, please see:

Organs/anatomical parts

Fresh tissues

FFPE or formaldehyde-fixed tissues

Please contact us with details of your project needs.  


our locations

We work with high quality biobanks mostly located in the US. Access also to collection sites in Africa & elsewhere for the collection of infectious disease samples.