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There are many advantages to using recombinant antibodies, as outlined in the latest ECVAM publication
The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the companies and organizations providing such ethical reagents:

Information provided courtesy of companies’ websites. Tissue For Research Ltd is not responsible for any information about, or services provided by, external companies.


Aptagen is a leading world-wide biotechnology company offering aptamer (synthetic antibody) products and services as research reagents, diagnostic and biomarker discovery tools, as well as for use in drug discovery and targeted delivery for therapeutics, and bioindustrial applications. We have a combined 25+ years of experience in creating aptamers that bind a wide variety of targets against small molecules, proteins, biomarkers and cells. Aptagen has performed this service for more than 50 companies, organizations, and institutions worldwide.

Absolute Antibody 

Absolute Antibody provides Antibody Sequencing, Engineering & Recombinant Expression.


By using our sequence defined recombinant antibodies, you can obtain superior quality of your results with animal-free reagents.

It is our mission and aspiration every single day to achieve this goal, both for a sustainable future and medical safety of this and every future generation to come.


AvantGen has constructed 30 human antibody libraries (Germliner™) with multiple human antibody germline frameworks. These were selected based on their high stability, solubility and expression level. Diversity is focused in the CDR regions and mimics the diversity of the natural human antibody repertoire for that variable region family. The framework sequences are left as fully human germline sequences. AvantGen’s proprietary libraries are comprised of >100 billion members, are well expressed and displayed with AvantGen’s yeast display system allowing efficient human antibody discovery.

Geneva Antibody Facility

Providing recombinant antibodies to the academic community, not-for-profit.

Human Antibody Core Facility 

One of the few laboratories in the world that produces fully-human, full-length, antigen-specific antibodies for use in studying human immune responses. The Core has achieved breakthroughs in antibody technology and has produced hundreds of high affinity protective antibodies to influenza, anthrax lethal toxin, and various S. pneumonia polysaccharides. The Core aims to support investigators by helping quantify the antibody secreting cell responses after vaccination and by generating human monoclonal antibodies to be characterized. Pathogen-specific human monoclonal antibodies are also available for licensing agreements and other forms of commercial development.


Drug-like antibodies from selections.


YUMAB provides individually designed contract research projects for the discovery and the development of fully human antibodies, as well as R&D services for the engineering of antibodies.


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