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High quality Skin samples

Trusted by the world’s top biomedical companies and academic institutes to provide human tissues for medical research.


We are delighted to offer the following normal and diseased skin sample types; please contact us for a free consultation on your project.

Normal skin pieces

Post mortem skin pieces:

  • Skin piece source: whole body donors
  • Anatomical site: all anatomical sites are available, including scalp, breast skin, abdominal skin, patella skin & all others
  • Skin specimen formats:
    • fresh skin samples in the buffer or medium of your choice or on ice
    • frozen skin specimens
    • fixed skin samples in 10% NBF
  • Skin piece sizes: all sizes
  • Donor ages: mostly 60+

Diseased skin specimens

Skin cancer

Post mortem donor samples:

Melanoma tumor samples and normal skin pieces from post mortem donors, any site, any size. Skin samples plus metastatic skin tumor samples from other organs are available. Melanoma donors are a rare population amongst our post mortem donors.

Tissue sample formats:

Frozen, fresh in the buffer or medium of your choice or on ice, or fixed in 10% NBF.

Clinical donor samples:

Metastatic-site-only melanoma tumors are also available from clinical donors.

Tissue sample formats:

matched FFPE blocks, frozen tissue aliquots, serum, plasma and buffy coat from each donor, where available.

Chronic wounds:

Diabetic leg ulcers, pressure sores and other chronic wound tissues are regularly available from post mortem donors.

Tissue sample formats:

Fresh, frozen or fixed in 10% NBF.

Other diseases may be available- please email to inquire.

Please note: these skin samples are only available for research purposes. The skin specimens we work with are not approved for in vivo, clinical or transplant use.

Unfortunately, we can not accept or register skin specimen donors directly; please contact your clinician or hospital who will be better placed to provide advice regarding how to donate skin samples for research locally- thank you for considering this option.

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