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High Quality Blood Samples

Trusted by the world’s top biomedical companies and academic institutes to provide human tissues for medical research.

Blood Samples

Do you require human blood samples for your research?

We can help you source:

  • Human blood serum samples,
  • Human plasma samples,
  • Buffy coat samples or whole blood samples

Blood Biobank Samples

Our clinical partner biobanks & specialist blood collection facilities have a huge variety of frozen blood samples in stock.

Repository banked specimens consist of human plasma samples, human serum samples and/ or human buffy coat samples.

Biorepository samples may have been banked with consent for research, be available as diagnostic remnants or from archives or may be collected with consent in the US or elsewhere (particularly for infectious diseases).

Prospectively collected blood biospecimens can often be sent fresh, including as whole blood, or in the format of your choice, including in custom tubes.

Donor Types:

Normal blood samples and samples from a wide range of diseases are available or can be collected, including:









For other sample types, please see:

Organs/anatomical parts

Fresh tissues

Frozen tissues

FFPE or formaldehyde-fixed tissues

our locations

We work with high quality biobanks mostly located in the US. Access also to collection sites in Africa & elsewhere for the collection of infectious disease samples.

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