tissue types

Please contact us with details of your human tissue or human organ needs and we would be delighted to assist!

The specimens below are potentially available in inventory or as a prospective collection, with final availability being determined by your criteria.

Some of the organs/tissue available for in vitro research and development use or demonstration-use may include normal and diseased samples (or whole organs) of the following, from clinical and/ or post mortem donors:*

Gut/ alimentary canal


Teeth / jaw

Tongue samples/ whole

Salivary glands samples/ whole

Parotid glands samples/ whole

Submandibular glands samples/ whole

Sublingual glands samples/ whole

Pharynx whole

Esophagus samples/ whole

Stomach samples/ whole

Small intestine samples/ whole

Duodenum samples/ whole

Jejunum samples/ whole

Ileum samples/ whole

Large intestine samples/ whole

Liver samples/ whole

Gallbladder samples/ whole

Pancreas samples/ whole

Nose samples/ whole

Pharynx whole

Larynx whole

Trachea whole

Bronchi samples/ whole

Lungs samples/ lobe/ whole


Kidney samples/ renal samples

Ureters samples/ whole

Bladder samples/ whole

Urethra samples/ whole

Pituitary gland whole

Pineal gland whole

Thyroid gland samples/ whole

Parathyroid glands whole

Adrenal glands whole

Pancreas samples/ whole

Heart samples/whole

Artery samples

Vein samples


Blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat samples

Lymphatic vessel samples/ whole

Lymph node samples/ whole

Bone marrow samples

Thymus samples/ whole

Spleen samples/ whole

Eye –
Ciliary body
Ear –
Middle ear
Inner ear
Vestibule of the ear
Semicircular canals


Subcutaneous tissue

Mammary glands

Muscle tissue samples/ whole

Tendons samples/ whole

Ligaments samples/ whole

Joints samples/ whole

Bones samples/ whole


Spine samples/ whole

Ovaries whole/ ovarian samples
Fallopian tubes
Uterus samples/ whole
Placenta samples/ whole : only available from living, clinical donors

Testes samples/ whole
Vas deferens
Seminal vesicles
Prostate samples/ whole
Bulbourethral glands
External sex organs


*Exact availability of these tissue samples and organs for medical research depends on a combination of factors, including:

  • whether you require a whole tissue or organ, or just a small piece;
  • whether you require pathologist-dissected and annotated tissue or not;  
  • whether you need healthy or diseased tissue;
  • the standard treatments available for any disease, which may limit the availability or  size of sample available for research;
  • the format required (fresh, frozen, FFPE, OCT-embedded, formalin fixed etc);
  • the level and detail of medical history, pathology, biomarker and other clinical or lifestyle data you require, as the depth of detail may depend on whether clinical or post mortem samples are available;
  • whether you can only use clinical samples or whether kindly donated organs and tissues from whole body donors would be more suitable for your medical research.

Please contact us on info@biobankonline.com with details of your human tissue or human organ needs and we would be delighted to assist!


We work with high quality facilities located in the US. We also have access to collection sites in Africa & elsewhere for the collection of infectious disease samples.