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We are thrilled to announce that the rabbit sanctuary we fund, Tanglewood Warren, founded by our CEO and founder, Dr Margaret Clotworthy, has been granted charitable status (UK Charity Commission registration number 1201423). Currently home to 50 wonderful, previously unwanted, rabbits, the sanctuary offers a loving home with the best available exotic vet specialist care to many long term residents with health issues, as well as a small number that are healthy enough to be rehomed, should the right adoptive home be found.

Please visit the following links to find out more:

To donate towards our rabbits’ vet bills and upkeep, please visit the following links, or contact us for our charity’s bank details:

For advice regarding looking after rabbits, we recommend visiting/contacting the wonderful Rabbit Welfare Association:

Lab rabbit/small animal rehoming

Although Accio Biobank Online does not provide human specimens for in vivo use, we are keenly aware that large numbers of animals are still used in laboratories, and very few are rehomed after use. This is particularly the case for rabbits and other small animals – UK rehoming survey
In the UK, unlike Italy and the US, for example, there are currently no dedicated organisations promoting or coordinating the rehoming of rabbits or other small animals from a research context. Whilst the number of rabbits/small animals able to be rehomed after use may well remain tiny due to the nature of the experiments and end points performed, we feel it’s important to encourage this wherever possible.
In order to improve this situation, we are making grants available to support organisations with an interest in expanding their rehoming/sanctuary capacity in order to help any rabbits/other small animals that may become available for rehoming from research facilities.
Such funding might be needed for additional enclosures, vet costs, additional staff hours etc. 

If you are interested, contact us at with details and to discuss further. Please put “Grant” in the subject line.

UK applications preferred.
Registered charities preferred.
If you are a UK research facility potentially interested in finding help rehoming some of your rabbits/small animals, please also contact . Please put “Rehoming” in the subject line.
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