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We are trusted by many of the world’s top biomedical companies and academic institutes to provide the annotated human specimens needed for the next diagnostic, drug, medical device or basic research breakthrough.


We have high quality facilities mostly located in the UK.

A Trusted Partner including for the world’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical firms and highly regarded academic centers.

Tissue For Research is also a member of two international professional bio-banking organizations:

  • ISBER: the International Society for Biological & Environmental Repositories
  • ESBB: the European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Bio-preservation and Biobanking.
Responsibly collected in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Expert clinical biorepositories and exceptional in-depth data with multiple sample formats.

Dedicated whole body donor facilities provide a high quality service 24/7 with times from death to sampling that can be as low as 3 hours.

Single and convenient point of access and project management service.


The latest peer-reviewed reviews lead-authored by Director, Margaret Clotworthy PhD, may also be of interest.


Dr Clotworthy has also co-authored publications on the ethics, organisation & public acceptability of biobanking.

1. Advances in the development and use of human tissue-based techniques for drug toxicity testing, Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology, May 2013.

2. The application of human tissue for drug discovery and

development, Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, July 2012.

Specimens sourced via Tissue For Research played a central role in a recent paper in the prestigious journal, Cell Reports, with implications for ovarian cancer detection, diagnosis of cancers in general and understanding ageing: Ultra-Sensitive TP53 Sequencing for Cancer Detection Reveals Progressive Clonal Selection in Normal Tissue over a Century of Human Lifespan

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Dr Margaret Clotworthy,
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