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Bespoke approach

At Tissue For Research, our mission is to facilitate the discovery and development of biomarkers, molecular diagnostics, personalized therapies and medical devices through the rapid provision of annotated, high quality human tissues, organs, anatomical parts, blood and other biofluids. 

We have established partnerships with US-based centers focused on the collection of biopsy, tissue and blood samples from surgeries, body donation centers and blood collection centers. 

Whether you’re engaged in biomarker discovery, translational research applications, clinical assay development, medical device, diagnostic or educational purposes, we can help.

Why we’re different

We are transparent about the sites we work with, encouraging you to discuss your technical questions directly with the experts performing your collection, so that you receive the most suitable specimens, and receive the best possible service.

Connect with Director, Dr Margaret Clotworthy on LinkedIn.

Please note: we provide human biosamples for research, education and training only. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with any enquiries relating to material for in vivo or clinical use & can not provide tissue for transplant as the donor materials we provide are unsuitable and unauthorized for this use. 

Please also note that we provide exclusively human tissues, for patient-relevant research, and do not provide samples from any other species. We are unable to work directly with donors; if you are interested in donating samples for research, please contact your clinician, hospital or hospice, who will be better placed to liaise with local donation partners – thank you for considering this option.

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