Thank you for your interest in obtaining human biosamples from Tissue For Research.

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Fast Response

We will respond on the same day to inquiries made during standard (EST) business hours. 

If you don’t hear back quickly, please try again ensuring you have double-checked your email address was entered correctly and also check your spam folder for our reply.

Bespoke Approach with High Accuracy

As each researcher’s project requirements are unique in terms of sample type, biosample size, number of donors required, sample format and patient medical history/ clinical/ pathological/ lifestyle data required, we do not publish a list of human samples & tissue or biofluid biosample purchase prices or inventory availability.

Each project receives individual attention so that we are best placed to ensure you receive up-to-date and accurate information, and specimens that meet your exact pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, medical device and research, development and validation needs.

Location and Our Partners

We work with high quality tissue and blood biobanks located in various sites across the US. Our fresh tissue samples and post mortem sample facilities are all in the US, to ensure you receive your samples in the best condition, as quickly as possible and with confidence in the protocols and data provided. Our frozen and FFPE samples are also sourced within the US. We also have access to collection sites in Africa, Asia and South America for the collection of geographically specific infectious disease blood samples.

Please note: we provide human biosamples for research, education and training only. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with any enquiries relating to material for in vivo or clinical use & can not provide tissue for transplant as the donor materials we provide are unsuitable and unauthorized for this use. 

Please also note that we provide exclusively human tissues, for patient-relevant research, and do not provide samples from any other species. We are unable to work directly with donors; if you are interested in donating samples for research, please contact your clinician, hospital or hospice, who will be better placed to liaise with local donation partners – thank you for considering this option.

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