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High quality human samples for world-leading research

We are trusted by many of the world’s top biomedical companies and academic institutes to provide the annotated human specimens needed for the next diagnostic, drug, medical device or basic research breakthrough.

FFPE or NBF-fixedpancreas cropped
Frozen or OCT-embedded
Fresh tissue samples
Buffy coat
Whole blood
Whole organs and anatomical parts
are all available in inventory at our partner biobanks and body donation centers, or by prospective collection to meet your exact research and education requirements.

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We either have in inventory, or can collect, biospecimens from most diagnoses, with the exception of some rare diseases. Precise availability depends on your patient criteria, how you would like the samples to be prepared and which data you need with each sample. Pathology reports, clinical history and follow up data may be available for various collections.

FFPE blocks or curls/slides are most likely to be available from living patients who have undergone surgery or biopsy, although frozen specimens may also be available and fresh samples may be collected prospectively.

Deceased donors’ specimens can be prepared according to your exact criteria.

The following list is not exhaustive; please contact us with details of your requirements and we will be delighted to investigate.

  • Cancer samples (including solid tumor tissue samples and hemato-oncology samples) 
  • Infectious disease blood samples, and/ or urine samples, if appropriate
  • Inflammatory tissue samples, joints and other organs such as intestinal samples, gastritis specimens, esophagitis, endometriosis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, cardiovascular plaques,  dermatitis, psoriasis. Whole intestines, pancreas, lung and other organs can be collected post mortem.
  • Degenerative, Cardiovascular, Metabolic (such as diabetes) tissue and blood samples are also available.
  • Healthy or “normal control” tissue samples and normal blood samples are also available. You may wish to “match” specimens by age, gender, ethnicity or other criteria.

Contact us to quickly find out how our partner biorepositories and expert tissue banks can provide the clinical and post mortem biosamples you need to drive your R&D forward.

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