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As well as human specimen supply, Accio Biobank Online offers a range of ancillary services via its partner sites and companies we work closely with, from a range of pathology services to in vitro cancer therapeutic efficacy assays using spheroids.

Assay Capabilities

In vitro Techniques

    • Cell culture (mammalian and bacterial)
    • Viral culture
    • PBMC¬†isolation
    • Tissue processing
    • Splenocyte and bone marrow isolation
    • Magnetic column cell sorting
    • 3D culture
    • Spheroid culture with therapeutic candidates
    • Cell line development
    • Cell viability
    • Cell proliferation
    • Drug screening and other pharmacology techniques
    • Wound healing
    • Analytical flow cytometry
    • Immunophenotyping
    • DNA content
    • Cell cycle
    • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting
    • DNA and RNA extraction
    • DNA, RNA, and protein isolation and blotting
    • ELISA and other immunoassays
    • Cytometric bead array
    • Colorimetric Assay (MTT)
    • Cytokine profiling
    • Mitochondrial analysis
    • ROS and glutathione analysis
    • qRT-PCR, PCR, and RT-PCR
    • Tissue processing, embedding, and IHC
    • Microscopy
    • Gene editing/manipulation via siRNA, transfection, transduction, and CRISPR cloning

General Skills

    • Assay and experimental design
    • Hypothesis development
    • Statistical analysis
    • Literature search and analysis
    • Scientific writing for publication and grant application
    • Budgeting
    • MTA generation
    • Data mining, cleaning, and analysis
    • Sample tracking and reporting

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about these services.

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