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Patients’ specimens play an absolutely pivotal role in medical advances.

If you are considering participating in human biospecimen research, thank you! Although you will not materially benefit, you will be helping future patients.

Accio Biobank Online is mindful of working with reputable partner sites that behave legally and ethically and treat human specimens with respect.

Research using human samples is regulated, with the regulations, including those pertaining to informed consent, differing between countries. Patients can not be paid for their specimens, although reimbursement for expenses incurred outside of normal treatment (for example, to make a voluntary blood donation) may be acceptable at some locations.

Accio Biobank Online does not liaise directly with patients and can not enroll patients directly for studies. Your hospital or hospice will usually have a research coordinator who can assist with this.

We do not provide tissues or organs for transplant.

Paying potential donors or patients for organs for research or transplant is illegal and we can not help you if you are looking to sell your organs.

If you are experiencing personal or financial difficulties, please seek help from the Samaritans or other professional counselling or other organizations who can listen and help you to find the right path through difficult times.

Thank you again for considering how you can contribute to medical research and education. Your generosity of spirit gives hope to countless patients!

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